Compounding Pharmacy White Rock/South Surrey Mobile

pharmacist making a creamCompounding medication is the art and science of producing tailor-made medication for an individual patient. At Platinum Care Pharmacy, this is a service that we can provide for you. With the help of our trained and proficient pharmacists, we can compound medications according to the dose and strength that you require.

With our Compounding Service at Platinum Care Pharmacy, we can:

  • Provide clients anti-aging creams, topical pain creams, and even hair loss solutions
  • Remove/replace ingredients that you are allergic to
  • Add flavor to your medication (this is particularly useful for kids who are picky about the taste of their medication)
  • Change the consistency of your medication (e.g. From pill form to liquid form and vice-versa)
  • Mix multiple doses into a single medication
  • Compound medication that is no longer sold commercially

With our expertise at Platinum Care Pharmacy, you can definitely trust us with all of your compounding needs. If you have any questions, simply call us at 604-385-0188 for assistance.