Medication Management Programs

patient holding a bottle of medicine talking to a pharmacistMaking sure that you have the right medication is vital for your health and safety. This is why at Platinum Care Pharmacy, we offer reliable Medication Therapy Management services for you. With this service, we seek to thoroughly review your medication therapy. In doing so, we aim to optimize your medication therapy, make sure that you are able to receive positive outcomes, and that you are maximizing your medications.

Our Medication Therapy Management service at Platinum Care Pharmacy involves:

  • Making sure that you have the right medication for your condition
  • Offering medication alternatives if your current prescription is no longer effective
  • Helping you address medication-related problems (e.g. if you experience negative side-effects)
  • Disease management and support

These are just some of the many things that we can do for you with our Medication Therapy Management service. So, make sure to come visit us today or dial 604-385-0188 if you have any questions at all.