Travel Vaccination Services

vaccinesAre you planning on a trip sometime soon? Be it for business or pleasure, make sure that you get your Travel Vaccination! This is particularly important if you are travelling to an exotic location. It is also beneficial if you simply want to protect yourself from any possible diseases that you might contract while traveling.

At Platinum Care Pharmacy, we offer a wide range of Travel Vaccinations that can protect you from some common diseases like:

  • Diseases you get from eating and drinking like: traveler’s diarrhea or hepatitis A
  • Diseases you contract from others like: hepatitis B
  • And many more!

We highly suggest getting your vaccinated at least 4–6 weeks before you travel so that the vaccines you get will have time to take effect. So, come visit our pharmacy today! Do you have any questions about the vaccinations that we offer? Don’t hesitate to call us at 604-385-0188 for more information!